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The Bellet appellation is located exclusively within the commune of Nice. It covers an area of about 50 hectares and benefits from vineyards planted on terraces of rounded pebbles, sand and clay. The Bellet appellation also enjoys a unique Mediterranean microclimate formed by the Mistral and Tramontane winds, as well as the altitude. Bellet produces both white wines (Rolle, Chardonnay, Clairette, Folle Blanche), red wines and rosé (Braquet, Cinsault, Grenache). The whites develop floral, peppery and mineral fragrances, while the reds show voluptuousness, suppleness and finesse, releasing floral, spicy, peppery and fruity notes. Finally, the rosés of the Bellet appellation reveal great originality, with elegant floral fragrances.

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