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Sauternes de Château d'Yquem tasting case

Bordeaux - Sauternes - White - 14°
Sauternes de Château d'Yquem tasting case
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    A mixed case of non-vintage Sauternes wines

    The estate

    Château d’Yquem's reputation has been built over 400 years, with a high point in 1855 when it was recognised as a Premier Cru Classé Supérieur in the official classification established by request of Emperor Napoleon III for the Paris Exposition Universelle. The only wine estate to have achieved this honour, Yquem sits unchallenged among the legendary great wines.

    The vines

    Château d’Yquem has around one hundred hectares in production, planted with 75% Semillon and 25% Sauvignon Blanc. The Ciron, a tributary of the Garonne River that is essential to the creation of Sauternes wines, provides an exceptional micro-climate for the vines on the estate. It is, in fact, thanks to the action of the autumnal morning mists, just before the harvest, which leads to the appearance of the Botrytis Cinerea “noble rot”. Other than the characteristics of the “terroir” and climate, Château d’Yquem's reputation also owes much to expertise and excellence. With a drastically limited yield, Château d’Yquem produces Sauternes wines made prestigious by their rarity.

    The case

    To create this high-quality wine, the estate carries out an extremely rigorous selection process of the batches, keeping only the most exceptional and elegant fruit. The other batches, on the whole of very good quality, are discarded. Since 2014, Château d’Yquem has been bottling some of these batches to create a non-vintage Sauternes which, up until now, has been available only to the estate teams. These Sauternes de Château d'Yquem are homogeneous and consistent. The 6 editions made so far have been put together in an exceptional, unique case, which we are offering here.


    Each edition of Sauternes de Château d'Yquem is made from a blend of vintages. To the base vintage, proportions of other vintages are added gradually.
    Sauternes 1: Batches of 4 vintages from 2010 to 2013, bottled in 2014
    Sauternes 2: Batches of 5 vintages from 2010 to 2014, bottled in 2016
    Sauternes 3: Batches of 4 vintages from 2011 to 2016, bottled in 2017
    Sauternes 4: Batches of 4 vintages from 2011 to 2016, bottled in 2017
    Sauternes 5: Batches of 3 vintages from 2014 to 2016, bottled in 2019
    Sauternes 6: Batches of 4 vintages from 2014 to 2019, bottled in 2020


    With each edition, creating a consistent expression by gradually blending batches of different vintages, is the innovative idea behind this wine, which is intended to be enjoyed in a purely gourmet and relaxed mode. It offers both the fragrances of overripened fruits, so typical of the great “noble rot” wines, and the aromas of fresh fruits, which are almost lemony and contribute to the immediate brightness of the wine. The mouth is ample on the attack then evolves towards a refreshing zesty freshness. Although this Sauternes wine has been made to drink young, it nevertheless has a very nice ageing potential.
    This mixed case, made of 6 first editions, is an opportunity to taste cuvées at different levels of maturity. From the youngest and freshest Sauternes 6, to the most mature and charming Sauternes 1, experience this unprecedented tasting.

    Half-bottle (37,5cl)

    • 2 x Château d'Yquem : Sauternes 1
    • 2 x Château d'Yquem : Sauternes 2
    • 2 x Château d'Yquem : Sauternes 3
    • 2 x Château d'Yquem : Sauternes 4
    • 2 x Château d'Yquem : Sauternes 5
    • 2 x Château d'Yquem : Sauternes 6

    Grape varieties
    Sémillon/Sauvignon Blanc


    Wine certification



    Château d'Yquem




    Contains sulphites